Lavender Essential Oil Wholesale

Scenery Oils is a trusted wholesale lavender essential oils distributor and supplier of 100% pure and natural Bulgarian essential oils. We are committed to providing the highest quality bulk lavender essential oils to our customers at reasonable prices.

The reason we are confident in the best quality of our products is the Bulgarian soil, which is the foundation of the high quality of our lavender essential oils. Bulgarian lavender has proven its value and is preferred by almost every essential oils distributor in the world. Bulgarian lavender essential oil differs from other lavender oils in ways that are immediately noticeable – one of the first things you will discover is that its aroma is at once more pronounced and assertive.

From the manufacturers we support, the quality of our products and the clients we are supplying - we are fully transparent about our wholesale lavender essential oil. By partnering with us you receive transparency, quality and promptness, which your products deserve. 

Lavender Oil Wholesale

Our bulk lavender essential oils are available in  4.4, 8.0 and 400 lb aluminum barrels. Scenery Oils supplies you with the highest quality pure lavender essential oils, free from any harmful pesticides or preservatives.

The Types of Wholesale Lavender Essential Oils We Offer (what is the difference)

There are 7 main types of Bulgarian Lavender. We offer 3 of them which are the most popular and well known for their quality. The aggregation between linalool, linalyl acetate and the oil content is what makes every type of lavender essential oil unique. 

1. Hemus  

Hemus is one of the most preferred and sought of the lavender types. It is known for its high linalyl acetate content, which is around 39.1% and makes the aroma noticeably pronounced and assertive. The linalool in Hemus is 31.8% and the oil content percentage is 2.2%/gr. Due to its high quality and similar features to the French lavender, Hemus  is used mostly in perfumery and cosmetic industries. It is the most preferred lavender oil for distributors, wholesale suppliers and manufacturers, who use lavender oils in their products. Medicine 

2. Sevtopolis

This type of lavender essential oil has 35.6% linalyl acetate and 22.3% linalool. The oil content is one of the highest at 3.0%. Sevtopolis is used in lots of skin and cosmetic products, detergents and cleaning products.

3. Druzhba 

This lavender type has the highest linalyl acetate at 43.8% and it also contains 30.4% linalool. The oil content for this type of lavender essential oil is lower at 1.9%. This type of lavender essential oil is preferred for aromatherapy and could be of great help for those having trouble sleeping.

Why should you choose bulk Bulgarian lavender essential oil from Scenery Oils? 

Extraction Process of Pure Lavender Essential Oils

The Bulgarian manufacturers we support keep the natural elements of plant botanicals alive during the manufacturing of the lavender essential oils to offer maximum benefits to the consumer. All natural oils are manufactured and extracted by our trusted manufacturers hygienically and by using natural techniques.

The natural and pure organic lavender oils are obtained, distilled, manufactured, stored, and packed without any adulteration or without the use of chemical components in the well-maintained warehouses by implementing the highest international techniques and standards, to match the needs of our clients who want to produce natural and organic products.

To extract the lavender essential oil, the manufacturers use modern techniques like steam distillation, CO2 extraction, fractional distillation, solvent extraction, and the cold-pressed method to preserve the natural qualities of the oils, and to serve our clients’ needs for promoting clean and healthy products. 

Scenery Oils believes in manufacturing, which provides the highest quality bulk organic essential oils by using the best scientific techniques. There is no compromise in the quality and standards of our lavender essential oils. We always ensure that the natural qualities and the properties of the parent plant botanicals are used in their extraction so that all the health benefits to the consumer remain intact. 

Supplying Industries

Scenery Oils is a bulk lavender essential oil supplier for partners in various industries that manufacture their own natural products and require the highest quality aroma and other lavender properties. We guarantee that our wholesale lavender essential oils  will provide the highest benefit to the consumers of our partner’s products.

1. Cosmetics and Beauty 

Scenery Oils is a recognized pure organic essential oil supplier providing quality natural oils for the cosmetic industry. Our products are used for the manufacturing of various cosmetic products like body lotions, soaps, shampoos, creams, oils, cleansing etc.

2. Cleaning Products

Given the antibacterial and disinfectant properties of our lavender essential oil, Scenery Oils is a trusted partner of cleaning products producers, who are manufacturing dish soaps, all purpose cleanser, floor and glass cleaners, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, detergents, etc. 

3. Food and Beverage 

Our pure lavender essential oils are widely used in this industry as flavoring agents for beverages and food to give them amazing taste and refreshing aroma as well.

4. Aromatherapy

Using aromatherapy before bed has become a non-negotiable self-care ritual for all of us. Our natural oils are also used massively in home and spa industries for their therapeutic properties and benefits in the form of aromatherapy sessions. These oils also aim to provide relaxation and rejuvenating effects on the human body when they are applied or massaged on the skin. 

5. Perfumes

We supply our naturally extracted and pure products for the production of high quality perfumes. 

6. Candlemaking

Our oils are also used in the production of high quality scented candles and air fresheners. 

For producing a trusted product with lavender scent, which will distinguish you from others on the market, you need to be sure your oils are free from any harmful chemicals or residual pesticides. We feel you, and want to help you in your journey by providing high quality products at reasonable prices. 

What Partnertnering with Scenery Oils Means for You?

  • Work with a value-driven supplier. 
  • Ensure 100% pure and natural wholesale lavender essential oil without use of preservatives.
  • Receive pure products at reasonable prices.
  • Achieve consumer satisfaction.
  • Work with a trusted partner.
  • Receive transparent communication, timely service and delivery.
  • Build buyer-seller long term relationships.
  • Honor your business and understand your needs.

Partner with Scenery Oils to ensure the quality of your products, to increase your sales and your social impact. It’s a partnership that literally transforms lives.

You can order our oils in different quantities without going through a sales representative or worrying about minimum orders. 

Lavender Essential Oil Bulk

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