What Makes Bulgarian Lavender Different?

Bulgarian lavender is different from other types of lavender because the Bulgarian climate and soil yield a lavender flower that has a highly pronounced, assertive aroma and is rich in medicinal properties.

Types of Lavender Essential Oils

There are many types of lavender having its origin from different countries around the world. You may have heard of French Lavender (Lavandin), Greece and Turkey (Lavandula stoechas), Algeria (Lavandula dentata and Lavandula stoechas), India (Lavandula bipinnata and Lavandula gibsoni), Australia (Lavandula canarien-sis), Portugal (Lavandula multifida), Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Spain, Brazil (Lavandula angustifolia), English Lavender, Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia). Each type of lavender has its own aesthetic, aroma, medicinal properties, and health benefits, depending on the geographic region of its origin. The biggest producers of lavender, being in the same geographical breadth, are Bulgaria and France well known for their high quality lavender essential oils.

What makes Bulgarian Lavender Different?

    • Unique Climate

      The geographic location of Bulgaria makes it stand out. Most of the lavender types love hot summers with low levels of humidity and mild winters. Lavender enjoys full, direct sun, without a lot of shade. Lavender likes the soil to be dry, so it is rare that the lavender needs a lot of water. 

      The global climate change in recent years has actually had a positive effect on the geographical area in which Bulgaria is located. In Bulgaria, the Black Sea provides a moderating climactic effect, and the Balkan Mountains provide much-needed protection from Siberian winter winds. Most of the Bulgarian territory has lots of sunshine (~2500 hours/year, as much as in Barcelona), which means eight months of T-shirt weather and mild winters. This is the ideal climate for growing lavender.

      • Soil Type

        Planting the lavender in the correct soil is the most important thing to ensure the lavender thrives.  Lavender does not tolerate excessive soil, moisture or humidity. The reason we are confident in the best quality of our products is the condition of the Bulgarian soil, which is the foundation of the high quality of our lavender essential oils. The most common soil types in Bulgaria are the chernozem, cinnamon forest soils with acidic (cinnamonic) traces, smolnitsi and yellow-podzolic soils, each of which has unique properties and nutrients that affect the resulting lavender plant.

        The Properties of Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oils (Lavandula angustifolia):

        1 - The aroma 

        The aroma of the Bulgarian lavender oil is more pronounced and assertive which makes it easily noticeable.  The aroma of the Bulgarian lavender is floral and fruity, similar to the French lavender, which makes it highly desirable in the perfumery industry. 

        2 - High linalool and linalyl acetate content 

        High linalool and linalyl acetate content in the Bulgarian lavender multiplies its therapeutic properties. For those having trouble sleeping, Bulgarian lavender essential oil can be of great help. Let’s face it, having a healthy lifestyle is all connected with our sleep and lavender oil can help people who find it difficult to sleep get a good night's sleep. 

        It is well known that the lavender essential oil has a positive effect on the nervous system which can improve the quality of sleep. A study found that using lavender oil before bed increased the percentage of deep sleep time in healthy men and women.

        3 - High medicinal properties

        Bulgarian lavenders are the world’s finest lavenders that produce essential oil rich in medicinal properties due to the nutrients found in the Bulgarian soil. Bulgarian lavender essential oils help support skin health, have wound-healing properties, and can help treat irritated skin and insect bites. Due to its soothing characteristics, the Bulgarian lavender oil is widely used as a diffusing and calming blend for massages & meditation.

        Bulgarian Lavender vs. French Lavender

        The French lavender is also called sister of the Bulgarian lavender due to its therapeutic benefits, but at the same time they each have their own unique differences. For example, the French lavender has higher content of linalyl acetate but lower in linalool than the Bulgarian lavender. The higher levels of linalool and linalyl acetate make Bulgarian Lavender a better disinfectant than its French counterpart.

        Bulgarian Lavender vs. Algerian Lavender 

        Compared to the Bulgarian lavender, Algerian contains large amounts of camphor but no eucalyptol.

        Bulgarian Lavender vs. Spike Lavender

        Spike lavender is a hybrid type which could be found in France, Italy and Spain. With a high percentage of Cineole and Camphor. These constituents are often likened to oils such as Eucalyptus, Peppermint.

        Bulgarian Lavender vs. Greek and Turkish Lavender 

        Greek and Turkish lavender essential oils have large amounts of eucalyptol and camphor but are poor or do not contain any linalool and linalyl acetate.

        Bulgarian Lavender vs. India Lavender

        Compared to the Bulgarian lavender, the Indian lavender has very low or 0% of linalool, linalyl acetate, camphor and eucalyptol. 

        Bulgarian Lavender vs. Portugal Lavender

        The same as the Indian, the Portugal lavender oil is poor on the main chemicals linalool and linalyl, which make the high quality of the lavender oil. 

        Why choose Bulgarian lavender instead of French, Indian or Spike Lavender?

        It is well-known that India and China are buying Bulgarian lavender oil and mixing it with their lavender oil to improve the quality. The overall quality is very poor though, and cannot compare to the quality of a non-mixed clean Bulgarian lavender oil. 

        The Bulgarian climate and soil makes Bulgaria a source of the world’s first-class lavender, highly pronounced, assertive aroma and is rich in medicinal properties. The Bulgarian lavender has proven its value and is preferred by almost every essential oils distributor in the world. 

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